Microsystems Convergence

In the context of microsystems for emerging applications, the innovations made in integrated circuit technologies are cohesively integrated with sensors, energy sources, miniature antennas and coils, using the advanced packaging and assembly technologies, through close collaboration with expert groups in other domains. 

The emerging microsystems include implantable medical devices, minimally invasive sensorized surgical tools, sample-to-answer point-of-care diagnostic devices, highly parallel sequencing and screening bio devices, highly integrated inertial measurement units, and wireless sensor nodes for ubiquitous monitoring. Specific needs and usage scenarios of emerging applications are identified by communicating with key players in the field, such as medical doctors and manufacturers in relevant industry. 

The integrated microsystems create not only strong technology demonstrators for research community but also useful prototypes for industry, leading to successful technology transfer and commercialization eventually.

   Wireless fully-implantable neuroprobe microsystem for motor prosthesis & neuroscience 

   Inductively powered implantable blood flow sensor microsystem for prosthetic grafts

   Wireless sensor network for smart & green urban systems and transportations