Smart Sensor Interface

The sensor interface IC, as a means to acquire real world information, is an essential piece of many practical systems. Depending on applications, design challenges of the sensor interface ICs also vary. The research interest in this program includes ultra-low-power design for biomedical and wireless sensor network applications, high-precision sensing for industrial monitoring, navigation, and consumer electronics, high-temperature operation for automotive, aerospace, and oil & gas industry. 

In order to address these challenges, new analog & mixed-signal circuit designs are developed including analog front-end and data conversion circuits, advancing state-of-the-arts in the field and creating an impact when integrated with MEMS/CMOS/nano/bio/photo sensors in the context of emerging microsystems.

   100-channel neural interface ICs for wireless neural recording microsystems

   Low-power high-dynamic-range accelerometer ASIC for biomedical motion sensing

   64-channel readout ASIC for nanowire biosensor array with electrical calibration scheme